With over 105 years of continuous seasons and 129 years of history, JCCT is still going strong committed to artistic excellence and quality entertainment.

Johnson City Community Theatre

Founded in 1885 to promises of hellfire and damnation, Johnson City was 14 years old when JCCT produced its first show. 

Craig Fleming

A wonderful alternative on a date night instead of a movie. Live theatre is wonderful! Be sure to check out this local gem of the Tri-Cities. Now go break a leg and on with the show!


Angie Hayes Pickle 

Such an amazing and positive experience for my son's first play. The staff and other actors/actress were always there to help us. We will be back. Thank you all! 

Est. 1885

Jane Weaver

The oldest live theatre in Tennessee! Actors come from the surrounding area, including the many local colleges and schools. Lots of talent and opportunities to enjoy plays at a reasonable cost! Love this venue.


Dawn Buckles Foland 

Its an amazing place where you can go back in time or be in the present from the time you walk in to the time you leave you fill welcome from every aspect from the director, stage manager, cast,  crew, music, lighting, concessions and box office are always amazing people. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

We are totally awesome...see?