In 2015, the Board of Directors were looking for a special fall fundraiser for JCCT.  What better show that Rocky Horror Halloween Weekend. Now in its 3rd year, Rocky @ JCCT is still selling out nightly. Tickets go fast, and you won't want to miss it.

Est. 1885

Richard O'Brien's

The Rocky Horror Show

Johnson City Community Theatre

Guaranteed to Thrill you, Chill you, and Fulfill you!

How is Rocky Live! different from the Movie?

Well, The Rocky Horror Show is the original production on which The Rocky Horror Picture Show is based. The original production was produced in London in June of 1973, the movie was created in 1975. For a more complete history of the show click here. Some other differences include: Brad's song in Act II (Once in a While), the show doesn't have a dinner party scene and the Criminologist is merely a narrator (with a few more monologues). 

Will there be Audience Partici ... pation?

Absolutely.  Goody bags can be reserved ahead of the show or bought at the door.

For the safety of the actors and other audience members, food props (hot dogs, toast and rice, etc.), water pistols, and open flames are NOT permitted.

You CAN however say the relevant audience participation lines to the cast.

Examples are: When a character says "Brad Majors" on stage, you can yell "asshole;" when a character says "Janet Weiss" you yell "slut." 

Other rules and guidelines will be gone over prior to each performance.

Anyone 17 or under must be accompanied by an adult.